a person who fucks up a party due to his inability to handle his drinks, consequently making a complete ass of himself by constantly provoking fights and screaming "LET'S GOOOOOOOO" at every guy, girl, cops, cats, dogs, chairs, lamps, etc.
by handleyourgoddamndrinks May 22, 2010
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When something stupid, embarrassing, or simply unacceptable is done at a party. Examples of this include spilling beer, breaking a lamp, throwing up, getting so drunk that you scoot on the floor in just your boxers, choking on a shot, ect.
Hey, can Alex come on Friday?
Naw man, he'll probably party foul again.
by Steven Waterdog the Third March 22, 2010
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The new catchy catch phrase that everyone is just itching to use! Someone drops their drink? Be sure to be the quickest to blurt out "OHHH, PARTY FOUL" and you win extra cool points with all the ladies, and possibly the men too! Practice being quick off the mark by dropping glasses in your own home! Try to train yourself to say it reflexively on hearing the glass shatter! Then open your wrists with a shard from that glass and try again! Repeat until dead!
Jenny drops her drink at the bar!
by The Number One Foul Caller October 01, 2005
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An incident at a party that disrupts the flow.
Examples of a Party Foul include dropping your drink, being a tool, yacking on the floor, dancing like a tool, hitting on an ugly broad, popping your collar, wearing excessive pink, not holding a beer, and refusing to funnel or shotgun a beer. You can see these examples at PartyFouls.com
by Party Foul April 24, 2006
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Quite literally, when someone at a gathering screams, "PARTY FOUL".
Sandy: "Oh no, I just dropped the 6 pack"
Tom: "That guy Dan is a complete tool"
by bing24 June 04, 2010
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when the general rules of having a good time at a party is broken
1) spilling a beer
2) kissing and telling
3) losing your cool
4) getting thrown in jail
5) talking about work when you're supposed to be drinking
6) getting on the dance floor and acting silly
7) changing the song in the middle of Willie Nelson
8) leaving the party with the ugliest gal.
9) Leaving with another guy's gal.
10) Throwing a punch
11) Losing your lunch

(see Mark McKinney's "Party Foul" for further reference)
by cassidyann May 19, 2009
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A party foul is when you by your own free will spill alcohol and as punishment for wasting the alcohol you get hit with either a bible or a telephone book, to teach you not to do it again.

The party foul must be self inflicted, someone can not force or trick you to spill your alcohol. If someone forces you to spill your own alcohol they must be hit with a book.

It is a form of corporal punishment meant to teach the lesson that one does not waste alcohol.
John Doe: James split his beer!

Jesse: What he Party Fouled? I'll get the book!

James: Wait, it was an accident...


James: Ouch :'(
by CaptainFSU January 09, 2010
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