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basically a keg that is in the shape of a ball, smaller than a regular keg about the size of a large kick ball
lets go tap the party ball for some beer.
by Mark rock your socks January 21, 2007
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Nickname for a man, generally in his early 40's, who is still single and trying too hard to be cool. He is typically a huge Journey fan. He generally stays out way too late, comes home at odd hours and turns on loud music and tries his best to let you know he's a badass who can still party his balls off!
Yo man, I tried to get some rest last night, but Party Balls got home at like 3am and started jamming out to Steve Perry!
by PB Dude! March 01, 2011
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An approximate 18" in diameter plastic, round container that is filled with crappy to mediocre (at best) quality beer. The recepticle is tapped, then is typically hovered over by a group of broke, underage college students who proceed to drink the equivalent of 8 beers out of their first 12 pack (or so they say). Traditionally, this festivity occurs around ones payday or b-day (when they receive money from their grandparents).
Hey everyone, I got paid today. Let's get a party ball in the dorm room and we'll be really cool. We'll have enough to keep drinking off of it for 3 weeks, when it's nice and rancid.
by hairbands forever October 17, 2008
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A tampon left inside of the vagina for a period of 3-10 days. Left in due to heavy drinking or habitual poor hygiene. Usually saturated with sperm, vaginal discharge, and menstrual blood. This condition can lead to extreme malodor and gradual disintegration of tampon inside of the vagina.
Tina went to a frat party while on her period. Tina proceeded to get hammered. Tina met David and proceeded to have intercourse with tampon inside. Tina woke up on the floor of the frat house and walked home. For 6 days, Tina forgot that she had a tampon in until she noticed a disgusting odor wafting from her vaginal region. Tina thought David may have given her an STD. Tina went to student health where the Nurse Practitioner proceeded to extract the "Party Ball" from her vagina. Tina has never been the same since.
by Crazy Pirate February 12, 2009
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