A midlevel provider who went to school for 6-7 years. Many have an MSN but the DNP degree has been introduced to try to blur the lines with Physicians who instead train for a minimum of 11 years. NPs use this obscurity in an attempt to validate their claims for unsupervised practice. Additionally, many graduate nursing programs are degree mills boasting 100% acceptance rates and 100% online coursework. NPs serve an important place in healthcare but are best paired with a supervising Physician.
Nurse Practitioner: "I wanted to be a doctor but the MCAT wasn't open-book, so I went to the University of Phoenix MSN program with online exams".
by DrHouse297 June 27, 2019
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a little understood profession by the public an advanced nurse praticioner or ANP is an individual who has completed graduate school for nursing and does very much the same job as a doctor but makes more and is payed by whatever company they work for instead of by the pateint from insurance companies. they can determine diagnosis and write perscriptions to treat pateints. in certain specalties they report to a doctor once a week so they can check the paper work.
hi, im a nurse practitioner, whats the problem
patient : when am i going to see the doctor
ANP: you wont ill be treating you
pateint: so your a doctor
ANP: no im a nurse pratitioner
pateint: so why am i not seeing a doctor
ANP: becouse i can give you the same treatment as a doctor, now what are you here for?
by ANPnurse January 03, 2010
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A professional who worked through school as a registered nurse, spent exponentially more time with patients than an ivy league prepped medical doctor fresh out of residency, coordinates care better than experienced physicians, knows what happens after a referral is sent, works directly with insurance companies, practices holistic care, still cares about the patients they see, and at a fraction of the cost of a burnt out physician. Like, by a lot. Want less expensive healthcare? go nurse practitioner.
America: "Man, these costs are astronomical!" Shouldn't it be less expensive to provide primary, specialty, non-surgical, preventive care to a larger population?"

Nurse Practitioner: "Yes."


Physician: "Screw rural healthcare, I'm movin to the city!"

Nurse Practitioner: "See ya!"
by Private Practicality February 26, 2020
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