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A celebration of some sort, that is not large enough to be a party, but too big to be a gathering. The definition is quite loose though, and if you do use it, it is more than likely that you will just spend hours arguing weather or not the celebration actually is a partathering or not.
"This is a great partathering."

"No! This is a party, not a partathering!"

"Yes, this is too big to be a gathering, it must be a partathering."

"Wooo! Partathering at Sam's house!"
by Ms Errorfied June 23, 2005
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One of the best events that can be thrown by Sixth Form Students, especially those Middle-Class students who live in relatively quiet suburbs with old neighbours.

Not large enough to be a party (40+), but not small enough to be called a gathering (-10), a partathering usually has the following things:

*cool people
*excessive amounts of alcohol
*binge drinking
*cool host(s)
*drinking games - mainly King Cup and Spin the Bottle
*pulling but not often clunge fun
#1: Are you going to Petey and Matt's Partathering?
#2: Are you freaking kidding me, those guys are amazing! Of course I am! Although you know, I hear they're gay together...
#1: That's cool man. We all go gay in spin the bottle :)
by manyperson August 12, 2009
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Half way between a party and a gathering. If you have say 20 or so people its more than a gathering and less than a party, its a partathering.
Mate 1:Mate you goin to frasers uhh party/ gathering on tuesday? theres only like 20 people going.

Mate 2: hhmmm its more of a partathering, but yeah ill go just for shits and giggles i guess
by Kmac1331 April 04, 2009
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