Popular among young clubbers. Usually after a club party ends young people, esp. males, will stand in the parking lot with their boys or next to their Mercedes Benz that they rented from Rent-A-Car and need to return by noon of the next day, in order to look for females to exchange numbers with or take home for sexual purposes. For females, parking lot pimping involves them using their looks to attract men, lowering their blouses so more cleavage can show and hiking up their skirts, or going to the guys with the best looking car just so she can sit in the passenger seat and look at all the interior features of his car (the features may be a built-in TV and some other crap with monetary value that exceeds the car note) so she can determine whether to take him home for a one-nights stand or give him oral sex.

In other words: losers.

See rap video.
Tyjuan and his boys got bored with the party and decided to go parking lot pimping. They found a group of girls dressed in Forever 21 halter tops and stilleto heels, with excessive amounts of weave in their head and pounds of MAC makeup on their faces. When Tyjuan showed them his (father's) Mercedes Benz, they got wet between their legs. Later into the night, the girls went home with Tyjuan and his boys -- and the night ended in a wild orgy!

Six months later.

Tyjuan tested positive for HIV.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007
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After the club closes, you pick up somebody in the parking lot to go home with.
The girls and I danced so much last night at the club, that by the time we paid any attention to the guys, it was closing time. As we headed out to our car, I saw a cute guy and decided I wanted to hook up with him. I approached him and after a little parking lot pimping on my part, we headed back to my place.
by plp March 31, 2006
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chillin in the prkn lot with ur friends !
meg josh and pike were parking lot pimping at taco bell
by djmj March 15, 2003
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Sitting in the car at the club with no plans of going inside
I don't have a new outfit for the club so Im gone just go parking lot pimping
by shanlw February 5, 2007
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plp or parking lot pimp'

when you were either to busy talking to one girl/guy, and saw a cutie in the bar and waited til the girl/guy was in the parking lot to start gettin the pimpin on.
yo bro, let parking lot pimp these girls
by 1defcon April 25, 2011
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