verb; When someone messes something up or does something incredibly stupid, it could be said that they had "parfitted up" the said-thing. Is replaceable with "fucked up" or "messed up".
"Dude, how d'your exam go?"
"I parfitted that one up, that's for sure"

"Mandem, watch me clear this pond"
"You're going to parfitt it"
by athelstan_13 June 17, 2009
what people now say when they've done somethin stupid. such as releasing toxic gas in to a room where people work, endangering there lives and later needing two fire engines to stop the gas.
"look at him what a parfitt!"
"dont go and do a parfitt you ass"
by MC SHITHEAD May 24, 2005
a person who is usually obscene with his finger dick and verbally and who is lame about losing at video games. He will usually be there for a person.
Me: Hey whats going on?
John: Your mom was so good last night.
Me: What?
John: I just jizzed in my pants. *immitates masturbation*


Me: Hey I need your help.
John: Yea dude what's up?
Me: This kid has it out for me.
John: His dick?
Me: No like he wants to beat me up. Stop being a Kevin Parfitt.
John: I'll get him for you. BTW, I cummed on your bed last night.
by appledumplings69 March 16, 2009
The term where a person who is overweight. Has a teacher in high school who fucked their grandmother. And Asks everyone for food.
Paul: Hey do you remember someone which is like a Sam Parfitt?
Karl: Yeah and their sister was well fit.
Paul: I mean like Ben Harris.
Karl: Oh yeah.
by Wagwan Whitmore December 3, 2018
Masturbating whilst in the stance and strumming style of Status Quo legend Rick Parfitt.
guy 1. I could see through your curtains -were you playing air guitar?

guy 2. No I was practicing Rick Parfitt's Rhythm Method
by dfghjks July 28, 2009