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A perfect korean boy name who's personality is amazing. He may seem quiet but is actually very talkative and nice. Taehyung is a name for generally pretty boys. VVVVV
by sandxra February 08, 2014
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Taehyung- aeygo king bitch you ain't gonna see anything cuter than him. When you see him because can blind you with adorableness
I saw taehyung at the fan meet and his aeygo killed me
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by BTSKILLEDME September 07, 2017
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A name for a boy who has beautiful brown eyes and the most precious smile. You will fall in love with him at first sight. His deep voice will melt your heart and he will completely destroy your bias list.
Taehyung's deep voice in Singularity destroyed my bias list. I now have no idea who my bias is.
by singularitae June 06, 2018
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A vocalist in the international boy band "BTS". He is awkward and perfect. He does questionable stuff at times and is protected by all the other members.
Oh, look there's Taehyung out with Jungkook...are they holding hands? Taekook confirmed.
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by Luciel Finch November 21, 2017
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Taehyung is a 179cm (1.79m) tall handsome Korean boy who is 25 y/o in age. He is indescribable and basically irreplaceable. He is not free, you cannot buy a Taehyung. Respect him and love him. Touch his face through your phone or device. But do NOT touch him in real life (unless they are cardboard or a non-moving version then you may).

*this name shall not be used to describe someone else as it would be funny to compare a human being to him*
by drinkinmydailydoesoftae July 04, 2018
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Kim Taehyung is a vocalist and visual in BTS (Behind the Scene) a korean music group. He is on of 7 members and is extremely attractive. He is extremely artistically inclined though he causes secondhand embarrassment constantly. A very nice man will go far in life
Army 1: did you hear about Taehyung liking girl's feet who likes feet he has a foot fetish confirmed
Army 2: Let's just add that to him being a furry
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by literalegg May 06, 2018
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