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A beautiful, GORGEOUS, warm hearted girl. She often has an attitude and LOVES to eat. She’s full of life, always down to earth although she is a big time nap taker! You’ll always catch her sleeping and eating.
by pZazzz20 June 01, 2018
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Asmita isn’t a beautiful, warm-hearted girl, she’s amazing, she can make the room light up as soon as she walks in. I’m proud to call her my bestfriend❤️.
‘Asmita is so pretty!’
‘Yep, I know, too bad she’s my bestfriend!’
by Reemyyy.x June 12, 2018
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another word for the awesomeness of a jedi, ninja and super-intelligent aliens from andromeda galaxy combined
Damn, dude, you are so asmita.
by mysticalchemist January 17, 2014
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another word for a pretty girl. she is very gorgeous that makes boys drool for her and her messages are always full because of boys! she can seem rude but deep down is very warm-hearted.
Omg look at her!! She is so Asmita I heard!
by hahafandom April 23, 2018
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