The act of breaking wind, passing gas, or just plain farting.
It's common to be papalenting after eating McDonald's for lunch.
by RottenChicken November 24, 2008
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The test the Cardinal must take before being elected Pope
Pending the results of the papal smear, Cardinal Smith will become the new Pope Elect
by cronyvalgrove February 20, 2013
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A form of attack upon ones face using one hand.

The attack starts with a slash of the hand down the center of the face from the forehead to the nose. Immediately followed by a repetition of slaps with the same hand across left and right hand cheek, whilst keeping the hand positioned centrally.

A Papal Blessing is usually given as a form of joke between friends as part of friendly horseplay rather than a serious attack maneuver.
He was being cheeky to me, so I gave him a Papal Blessing
by gib-guy November 26, 2019
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1. One who resembles a cat either physically or mentally and is associated with some sort of religion.
2. A non-existent food treat that is highly sought-after.
3. The ultimate, paramount, epitome of supply and demand. Where supply is absolute zero (0) and demand rises to infinity.
The Papal-kibbie of the elusive uber-cookie, that contained seven chocolate chips more that any other cookie one has ever eaten, was impossible for Adam to bake.
by Yorx November 10, 2003
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1. A backhanded apology, where the offending party claims regret- not for their error or discourtesy- but rather for the ill feelings or reaction for those offended. 2. What may at first appear as an apology, but after closer examination, is really a condescending or placating way to avoid personal responsibility.

HISTORY: Pope Benedict XVI deeply offended Muslims when he quoted the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus during his Regensburg talk. After an international uproar, Pope Benedict XVI attempted to apologize and clarify what he meant- along with the good intentions behind his speech- unfortunately; Pope Benedict XVI's "apology" was a bit backward.
Person 1: “I’m sorry you feel I was rude to your sister.”
Person 2: “Don’t give me a papal apology, you prick.”

by True Tru October 28, 2006
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Any of several bodily fluids taken from the Pope to make sure all is well with the Holy Father's naughty bits. Usually collected by a Vatican Manginacologist, the samples are checked for disease and and then sent to the FBI for DNA comparison in ongoing kid diddler investigations.
A Papal Smear recently sold on eBay for $135K. No one is sure just who reached under the Pope's gown and stole her grogan.
by Cuntoleezza Rice May 20, 2008
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Pronunciation: pay-puhl waaap
When the Pope smacks you in the face with his peener, penis, wong, or jolly roger.
It's an elite few who can say they've been Papal Whapped.
by Ramblin' Rose September 6, 2006
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