When you are doing eating outside and there is still some dressing/liquids in the containers, and a wind kicks up, if someone gets hit by the dish/container etc and gets liquid on them.
It was so windy half the table got papadopoulosed
by loves lunch July 29, 2011
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A statement that is equivalent to what the fuck?. It is very versatile and rolls off the tongue nicely.
You:"Yo man I totally dated that grandma sitting over there,"
Me:"What the Papadopoulos?"

You:"Obama is the president."
Me:"What the Papadopoulos?"
by imnotgivingyouapseudonym November 18, 2009
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Apollo but with a flab, acne, and bad self confidence. Oh, and he’s mortal with a hint of weak.
“You know Rick Riordan’s new book series?” “Oh, yeah i heard about it.” “He literally named a character Lester Papadopoulos.”
by a amajiki tamaki simp October 16, 2020
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A colloquial phrase coined by DMAFB founder Donald meaning: What's happening here/folks?
Gerald entered the room with a quick BOOM, kicking the door aside with his Jet Li-style prowess. He pointed his Super-Soaker water pistol towards the terrorists and said:

What's papadopoulos?
by SoulTroubled April 18, 2007
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A Papadopoulos = Alicia

Papadopoulos is very strange and beautiful. They’re loyal friends💛
Omg thats Papadopoulos
by ikl2005_x November 09, 2019
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A fat and useless kid with a weak bladder in the game Bully also get beaten up on sight by player, bullies and jocks.
Filthy kid even tho helping him in save algie and wrong part of the town he disagrees with jimmy in stronghold assault mission i kick his ass every time i see him
guy 1-who is Algernon Papadopoulos ?
guy 2- living punching bag who is stingy and selfish and has a weak bladder
by DarkPheonix_1_1_1 July 25, 2021
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