Is originally a show from Fuse but is usually used as a way to explain an event thats so awesome it makes you want to take your pants off and dance to the occasion. Thus, "pants off dance off".

Example 2. Michael's concert is going to be a real pants off dance off.
by Fun on a bun July 25, 2006
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Has to be the coolest show on Fuse. Bunch of people who are obviously not easily embarrassed, dancing to music videos. Oh yeah, and in their underwear. haha. Then we get to vote for our favorite!
"Why did you want to be on 'Pants off dance off'?"
"Well, i can get jiggy with it, and I have like really cool moves."

^haha. The people are hysterical
by Yeah I'm Cool June 28, 2006
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only the most kick-ass show ever. on fuse.

what's better than people of all ages, shapes, sizes stripping to music videos?
"Have you seen Pants Off Dance Off on Fuse yet?"
"Heck yes! I so wanna be on it!"
by Miss Dorkette May 4, 2006
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When two or more parties spontaneously remove pants and challenge each other to a dance off, the winner of which may put pants back on and ridicule other(s) for being pantless.
Bro Emily totally dominated that spontaneous pants off dance off last night CJ was so ashamed she lost and had to remain pantless the rest of the night!
by emrahrah June 20, 2012
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