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When a group of people have sex stacked on top of each other. This can contain any number of men or women so long as it more than two(regular sex), but less than 5 (an orgy).
Call Martha and Bob over. I'm hungry for some hot, syrupy pancake sex.
by VincentVega August 02, 2007
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Codeword / slang for having sex (as popularized in California via youtube search Pancake Sex) but in pancake terminology. Slang for those perfectly round and golden brown pancakes, spreading the butter, and pouring maple syrup; sexual innuendo. Girl you know I IHOP is a sex move.
We met at IHOP, took her home with me, took the butter and spread it all around, ate her on my kitchen table, my fingers sticky from your maple syrup baby, thats what I like to call some good Pancake sex!
by Pancake Lover June 30, 2009
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Pancake sex is when you pour maple syrup on a naked woman/man and put freshly made pancakes of any kind on her/his back/stomach.

You then proceed to eat the pancakes on his/her back/stomach (preferably without any utensils, which could cause complications and trips to the hospital) until you feel finished.

You then lick the syrup from any part of the body of your/his/her choosing.

And at anytime, you may preform sexual intercourse on your partner.
"I spread the syrup all over her luscious tits, getting ready to preform the delicious Pancake Sex" - Dirty Boy
by GentlemanChapNuts May 04, 2011
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Pancake sex is when you and your lover or sex partner, first get naked and start making pancakes. While cooking pancakes lick the pancake batter off of your lovers fingers or body parts. As soon as you and your lover have enough pancakes, find a clean surface that you don't mind getting dirty. Then start placing a layer of pancakes and grab the maple syrup. Then you and your lover/ sex partner start getting naked, and start fucking your partner using maple syrup as lube. Continue fucking and while dripping maple syrup all over your partner and start licking it off, and spanking your sex partner. That's pancake sex.
Honey I want to try pancake sex tonight.
by Bubblegum_6 August 19, 2016
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