Japanese Brand with great quality products. They're the wiseman's answer to over priced Sony products.
by Joe the MOFO August 14, 2003
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A brand of the world's biggest consumer corporation, Matsushita. Pioneered "organic edge design" in the late 80s, meaning that products started to have generic body like curves as oppossed to geometric designs.

Same company as Technics, National, Panavison, Panaflex and Pana-anything. Their equipment has been used in filming for ages.

Not quite as boring or planned redundancy compliant as other brands like Sony, whom tend to disable features on cheaper products and make less and less reliable laser pickups all the time.

Shop around before buying Panasonic, they only make a handful of really good products.
I have a Panasonic stereo with 400w PMPO in my Civic, which would be around 4w RMS in reality. Listen to my ghetto-bass with >5% THD at half volume.

(I have a shit stereo)
by dj_monged July 8, 2004
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When you're trippin on mushies and you don't know how to explain the world around you..panasonic.
by Slim Simmerman June 26, 2009
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t-totally off the chain. out of control.
seriously cool to the tenth power.
That christmas party was very panasonic.
by Lillian Herring November 15, 2004
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A Japanese electronics brand. Panasonic produces great TVs, steros, air conditioners, portable audio, among other useful gadgets.
by Anonymous August 9, 2003
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Japanese electronic equipment manufacturer. Their products lack the style of Sony's, but also the hefty price tag. They make excellent telephony equipment.
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
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So I went up to Barrie to get some head from this guy named Panasonic.
by deathcab October 20, 2004
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