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The nicest and loveliest person on earth. She loves kpop and her ultimate bias group is exo. She loves going on long late night walks when the world is silent and looking up at the stars. She likes clicking pictures of things and people she loves. She enjoys fangirling. And her ideal type is 'Peter K'.
Everyone loves her the most, and she resembles the character of 'Caroline' from vampire diaries.
Pakhi is a pure sunshine and blessing to this dark world
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by FulltimePotterhead July 03, 2019
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Person A: Man, that nutcase Martin Bryant guy shot 35 people in Tasmania!

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by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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Pakhi is dumb person who you love as hell but just get annoyed with. But once you get a Pakhi never let her go. You will have more fights with a Pakhi than you’ll ever have with your partner, she basically becomes your partner for life through your breaks up and make ups. PS- you both love each other to the moon and back
Me : Hey, Pakhi is such an asshole but I love her to the moon and the universe and back
Some random : oml, you and Pakhi,it’s like you’ll both get married.

Me: I’m gay
Same random : and I’m the third wheel
by Aadi the hot September 01, 2020
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A gorgeous, hardworking person. Usually the mom of the group, loves everything around her and tries her best to take care of everyone around her. Really funny, smart, and thoughtful, a Pakhi is deeply committed to loving themselves and the important people in her life.
Person 1: Oh my god I met a Pakhi!
Person 2: You're so lucky!
by whatthefuckok January 01, 2021
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