a paige is someoone who will wake up the next morning regretting everything she has done the night before.
omg, i feel like such a paige.
by kdotelevn January 17, 2009
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paige is an amazing friend to be around you can trust her with anything and she wont tell a soul she adores horses and hates when people hurt her or her friends she will make you smile wherever you are she loves everyone and wont tolerate boys she the one to be friends with
paige is amazing

i wish i was friends with paige
by bundy rum July 2, 2018
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(Noun.) 1. Retarded. 2. Walks into Zumiez 3.Can't walk in a straight line. 4. Is sitting next to Julia currently 5. Does not want me to put it up. 6. Can't get it up. 7. She wants to make some babies. 8. She wants to get it on. 9. She wants to make you horny, BUT SHE CANT GET IT UPPPPP!!

And i <3 her/
what a white gangster.
Look at those black men paige!
by ying ying June 15, 2008
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A pale complected, red eyed (covered with contacts), animal-blood sucking vampire....who won't admit she's a vampire.
"That paige was eyeing the gazelle. And then she ATTACKED!"

"The paige at Burger King, was downing that cow!!!"
by Kaba1827374 April 4, 2009
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1)a particualary stupid person with little common sense or none at all
1)Wow, when we told that bitch coke went out of buisness she beleived us, whatta fuckin paige.
by m finley November 24, 2006
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A stuck up snobby british bitch that doesn't know when to accept that shes lost something or someone. Constantly stalks her ex and tries to ruin their new relationship because shes insecure about herself. An overall horrible person with a bitchy attitude.
Wow you are such a Paige.
by harley6215 February 15, 2018
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