guy1: wow who is that sexy lady!?

guy2: she must be a paige!
by matthew<3spaigie September 28, 2010
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paige is a bitch
by September 15, 2020
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an awesome girl.
she always is fun and hillarious.
and very hott. and guys always want her.
guy:that girl is so hott she must me a paige.
guy2:omg yeah she definately acts like a paige.
by bob bobbernessder January 23, 2008
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a weird girl but cool she likes eyes and memorizes them on sight when you dont realize it (shes a creep like that). cool, cuter than you expect and is obsessed with minecraft.
that girl knew my eye color right away! she must be a paige
by frenchieforsure August 7, 2011
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paige means a girl which is very beautiful and funny type . she is shy in class when ask a question . she has problems with controlling her anger towards people.

she easily fall in love with 'players'. Boy easily fall in love with her also , most just for her beauty .
dont that girl remind you of paige ?
by paige December 13, 2014
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a very outgoing, never shy teen girl whom is very confused but willing to help others no matter what. Paris' best friend.
woot! woot! go paige.
by Pagie January 2, 2007
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a person whom is confused and tired but keeps going bro. fake it till you make it Shes pretty but doesn't like to be called it, she lacks self-confidence but likes to talk A LOT when you get to know her. Shes an amazing friend but may create drama for people
get yourself a paige all she does is sleep and smile
i know its tiring
by egiap sreym April 8, 2019
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