A shy girl at school who is loved by lots of guys. She doesnt talk that much to guys but could get any one of them if she wanted too. Someone who spaces out often and wonders about life around her, and the people who she comes across. Paige will talk differently to her girl friends than her guy friends. Paige has help getting a guy from her friends because she is an outstanding person but doesnt know it yet. If you know a Paige, the best thing to do is tell her how great of a person she is.
Boy:Man I love that Paige
Girl:Ya she is my friend and shy but she likes you
Boy:I like her too I wish I had a Paige
by Gig Harison May 06, 2012
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Paige is an incredibly fun, outgoing, and sweet girl. She loves to have fun and cheer people up. When you’re sad, she’s the first one that will notice and immediately try to make you feel better. Paige loves to have lots of fun and is litt. She has a bunch of friends and is a strong lover. She will definitely light up your world and is very cute. Never ever leave a Paige once you find one because you will regret it if you do.
Bro where’s Paige?!
I miss her.
I left her and I realized that I can’t live without her.
by pins&needles April 29, 2019
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Cute,Smart,Funny,Always makes you laugh. Help you solve any problem. Great hair. Smooth talker,good with boys,has many friends. Loved by everyone.
I wish I was Paige. She is the best girl in the world!
by SwagJCat June 13, 2015
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Paige is a nice, friendly, caring, funny, random, sporty, crazy girl. Her laugh is so contaygous. She thinks to low of her self without even meaning too. She was two mums and dads and love them to bits. She can be a little crazy when you first meet her but after a while you think its just normal Paige. Paige has a short temper that scares the shit out of people. She is protective of her friends. She was major trust issues and struggles to let people in. Paige loves Hockey, Tee-ball and swimming. Paige is a very loveable person and get anyone to laugh. She sometimes get asked about some love advice. She hates bullies. Paige is a major fan of Harry Potter. She has a little bit of O.C.D but doesn't mind. She loves to Hang out with friends and boyfriend. Paige hates it when someone tries to flirt with her and that person knows she has a boyfriend. Paige is a major DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! She loves PewDiePie, Shane Dawson and mine craft. Paige can not live with out music it is apart of her life!!!!!! She is really pretty.
Dude 1: Wow… Have you meet Paige before she is such a babe

Dude 2: Yeah mate. She almost punched me when i flirted w/ her.

Dude 3: MATE SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude 1 & 2: Oh

Dude 1; Still i would tap that…

Dude 3: I need new friends...
by gayboy21 December 31, 2015
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an awesome girl that is pretty and amazing. she has lots of friends and lots of boys after her
"Man i would love to be with a paige"

"Ya me too that waould rock"

"only if you get luckky will you get a paige"

"darn RIGHT!"
by gigiLOL January 10, 2012
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a very outgoing but shy girl. she is always fun to be around and can always make you laugh. tends to be very athletic but cute and girly at the same time. she always has the cutest clothes no matter what. She is easy to love, and has a great personality and will talk to anybody. she is definitely one of the greatest people alive.
omg! i wish i was more like Paige
by bearyy123 June 18, 2009
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Paige is a beautiful girl but definitely doesn't think it. She keeps a very small circle of friends and it's hard for her to trust people. She struggles with her mental health and is scared to talk to people about it so she usually doesn't. Paige is awkward and socially anxious and sometimes needs help in social situations. When you get to know her she'll be less awkward and really fun to be around, you just have to give her a chance
I wish Paige wasn't so scared to talk about her feelings
by fergaliciousdef June 24, 2019
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