The Greek origin of the word means "lover of children". For this reason it was appropriated by people with sexual urges towards children (although the Greek use is far broader and most often has no sexual connotations - for instance a "Russophile" can someone who likes to visit Russia or who supports Russian foreign policy). It has now become a descriptive or hostile term for such people.

Refers to child molesters and child rapists, as well as people who view sexual images of children and those who would like to do so. Current usage makes it unclear whether it is a sexual orientation or a class of actions.

Strictly speaking, it refers only to those interested in pre-pubescent children. (Attraction to teenagers is hebephilia).
All paedophile activities which involve actual children are forms of child abuse.
by Andy August 01, 2004
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correct spelling for a man who likes or fantasises of sex with young children. Much like a vampire, he lurks in the night. When a child is struck, that child will itself become a recluse and eventually a paedophile, passing it on to any they strike. The only known cure is a stake though the heart or castration. Must be separated form 'regular' prisoners while in jail for their crimes, otheriwse their life expectancy is about 2 days before they get nonce bashed.
Dude1: A peadophile on msn tried to get me to meet up with him in the park after dark!
Dude2: I got peadophiled once when i was 5. My dad says when i'm older ill turn into one
by Gwando November 09, 2003
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n. (pl.) member of society distinguished by being the only one not asked to 'think of the children'
Look at the Paedophiles in the playground, how very inappropriate.
by Clayton July 14, 2003
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A person like you and me, who lives in self-denial from such a precious gift of loving children. You might demonize the term for your own evil, perverted needs (helped by the stupid scandalous media that only wants to make profit out of this taboo instead of finding the real truth) but when nobody is looking you are having a crush on a little girl.

From the Greek 'Paedo' which means 'Child' and 'Phile' which means 'Love'
A sexual orientation that has been demonized and criminalized for centuries.

It is simply having a romantic, physical and sexual attraction towards children. It has been heavily misused to compare pedophiles with child molestors. Two different things.
Most pedophiles do not ever molest any children. We have doctor, teachers, artists, policitians, your regular joe, anyone really who is a pedophile.
It is also used to deny children from their own romantic, affectionate and sexual rights.
There are pedophiles just as there are homosexuals. The big difference is pedophiles are todays 'designated perverts' by society in its big, increasing need to hate on someone. The more we keep pedophilia as a taboo and a dark-underground mystery the less we're gonna know the truth behind it.
by Aries2004 April 28, 2005
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some one whos 18+ that likes boys/girls who are under 16 usally
Maddys new bf is a paedophile because he is 18 and shes 15

by HxC Br00t4l April 08, 2009
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Someone who likes small children...

The all need there bollocks cutting off! With a teaspoon

Often found browsing internet fourms!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop looking at children you paedophile!
by little tit of the internet October 30, 2003
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