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A person who routinely provides or admires packets at meetings, references the packet, and ensures the availability of said packet.

Tends to closely bond with meetlovers, or may be a meetlover.
While Jeremy signed in for the meeting upon entering the room, Carol, the packeteer promptly asked, "Did you get a packet?"

While the meeting attendees settled at their tables, the packeteer announced, "I've made color-coded packets for you. You'll find one copied on baby blue paper, another on celedon, and finally one on buff paper."

Just before Therese, the meetlover began her presentation, one packeteer remarked to another packeteer in a whisper, "I love when they provide a hardcopy of the PowerPoint." "I was thinking the same thing", the other responded.
by Mama Dude January 26, 2011
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