As a computer term, when someone slow downs or stops your internet connection via sending mass-data-packets, this means packeting.
Kiddies like packeting so much..
by 8een May 15, 2008
DOS used mostly by script kiddies who think they're clever.
im 31337 ive got the program off the internet that can packet you. Whats your ip?
by 1338 (past 1337) June 24, 2003
"Ah mate I was fucked last night. Went down the boozer for a couple of Britney's and ended up right on the packet!"
by LittlemissE June 11, 2009
see syn. at Denial of Service, DoS
n. 1) a datagram
v. 1) to flood someone's computer with datagrams, rendering it non-responsive or forcing it to disconnect from a network
<opt1k> stfu before i packet you offline
by charlie root February 5, 2003
Short version of packeties.

Normally a women addicted to meth and will fuck and suck anyone that will give her a pt or a washie. They're so desperate to get something that she would leave her kids in a hot parked car while she's insides some strange dudes home being fucked by 3 morts so she can get a red.
" Meth Face Maria is is fiending a red dude, imma bring her around..."

"Don't! She's a dirt old packet that will rinse you of your shards when you frank out. The only thing she'll leave behind is her uncapped used fit on your bed which you'll then roll onto, get jabbed and now you have hep c."
by FloraFloozy April 5, 2020
Accepting money in exchange for a DoS attack shall be reffered to as Packeteering
Person A is offering Person B money to DoS a certain internet address, If he accepts the money, and DoS's the certain adress, He is a Packeteer.
by Greepfruuy June 14, 2011