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1. A nautical Expression. Pack Sand originates from the onerous task of filling (or refilling existing) sands bags used for ballast. On sailing ships "sand packing" was done in the bilges. In the days of sail the bilges contained all types of wastes including but limited to fecal material, dead animals and other effluents. Also see pound sand

2. A seafaring insult. When one was told to "pack sand" it was considered a huge insult often resulting in a heated exchange of salty language.Also see pound sand
1. "Bosun Jones tell Seaman Jones to lay below for the sand packing detail."

2"Arrrgh pack sand mate..wait yer turn like ye others." Typical Response: Arr go f@3$% yerself you c@!*%&& b$5#2! son of a whore. "
by Global Feetus April 03, 2007
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