Bosun loves water. He is very affectionate and loving. Will always stay by your side. He will always support you even if its moral support. You can always rely on Bosun to be there.
by Bobert Isaac August 21, 2017
Stop playing Grogg Mayles! I’m trying to get Bosun Bill on my hurdy-gurdy!”
by Abortnite April 23, 2018
Cautionary folklore character: 7 foot tall cross-dressing ape that drags absent minded boys into his tin shed on the front of a ship and rapes them to death.
"Pay attention to where you are walking Tommy, or the BOSUN will snatch you up and turn your butthole into a "Georgia Rose".
by Sasquatch Sandwich July 6, 2021
Jumped up deck ape, abuser of machinery, generally renowned for an extreme perma anal gape
Bosun has an iq of 2
by Superstudbill February 25, 2020