Short for "penis in the vagina," "p in the v" is a simple euphemism for vaginal intercourse.
"Dude, totally! It was pretty awesome, and totally culminated with some sweet p in the v!"
by PacificJohnny January 9, 2008
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P in V is a slang term for sexual acts, made well known by Ninja Sex Party. P stands for Penis and V stands for Vagina
Time for some P-In-V!
by TrueSiri April 25, 2015
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1. Short for "Penis to Vagina."
2. Sex.
Joe: What did you do last night?

Bob: Not much, just had a little "P to V."
by funkone May 24, 2009
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the ratio of guys (p) to girls (v) at a party.
at a sausage fest:
Mike: yo we need to get more chicks here, this party is lame
Joe: i know, the p to v ratio is way off
by ronious October 16, 2009
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A minification of terms popular on internet and bulletin board systems (BBS) throughout the 80s and 90s denoting that the sysop hosted hack/phreak/anarchy/virus content on their server.
"Rusty n Eddies was one of the most popular h/p/a/v sites in the world until the Wire Fraud Act of 1996 was passed and the following Hacker Crackdown resulted in its closure."
by NOSliwes November 21, 2009
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