Someone who prematurly ejaculates after one thrust.
"Pump and dump"
"I heard that Aaron p and d'ed Suzie, she was very upset."
by Kurtov January 23, 2008
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I tried to get through to her, but she was too P. O.'d to listen.
by Alexander Hu January 24, 2008
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What the readers affectionately called The Pattern of Diagnosis from The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five (current ISBN: 978-1-944171-38-4) and Dark Gothic Resurrected: Autumn 2007. Written on Thanxgiving weekend 2006 it became the creative nonfiction outing that's one of the most enduring of the creative nonfiction output of the owner of the light blue blog. It's known as the story Something Awful ganked in 2015-2016 as the factions said nothing about the incident -- dismissing it as a prank.

It's the story that got the roster rounding out Issue Five as it's on a place called TheBookPatch and pinterest pinned. The cover artist was an art student as it rivaled Van Gough with the cover art of this. It plays up in Oak Lawn, Illinois where Luke 10:25-37 plays up in front of the namesake's hospital in 2006. The powerful piece clocks in at 5683 words and held its own with a Pulitzer Award winning journalist who became a TOC mate from the era. The story was written after Harry Potter and The Eagle of Truthiness. It's longer than the jesus-is-saviour website founder's screed against Rod Serling.
Those who read The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five might not realize the story known by readers as The P 'o D also known as the narrative, The Pattern Of Diagnosis. The outing had been discussed on Quora about "what's the most powerful work of literature one's written."

He discusses this both on the site and on youtube on Christmas Eve 2007.

It attributes to two of his friends and a conversation on the phone with his late relatives at the time in 2006. Both publications of the story are in circulation as it was taken further on Wordpress and Tumblr taking the reader further into the story 8 years later. It could been easy something for Unshackled if it didn't have the instrumental use of strong language. The one piece that would piss off Moral Guardians because of the varied use of profanity throughout. He explains in Quora a story like that is not always about the altar call.
by illinoishorrorman July 31, 2018
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Pump and Dump
Used as a term when trading with stocks, where you buy shares yourself and then start spreading false rumors on various forums. In that way the stocks of small companies goes up on rumors, and you sell with a profit.

Also it can refer to one night stands.
"Do you still got shares in that small company?"
"No I sold that some time ago, it was just a P&D!"

"Did you go on a date with that girl you met?"
"Nah, she is just white trash, so i did a P&D"
by tobjar12 September 11, 2013
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I P O D stands for I PUKE ON DICK. It's a nickname for a female who gave someone head and couldn't handle it and then threw up.
Ashley's new nickname is I P O D. T.J. was totally getting some head from her when she barfed. It was HELLA funny!
by Manaaaaa November 4, 2007
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A fake, fictional, phoney-bologna song, sung to the tune of the campfire song, "B-I-N-G-O".
♪ There was a john that had a name and Poddy was its name-o! ♪
♪ P-O-D-D-Y ♪
♪ P-O-D-D-Y ♪
♪ P-O-D-D-Y ♪
♪ And Poddy was its name-o! ♪
by Telephony July 23, 2018
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Pride and Desire: It stands for the lifeforce within every man that leads him to be awesome every day.
"Dude you showed crazy P & D by hitting on that smoking hot chick."

Awesome dude A: "Why is Fred such a fucking loser?"

Awesome dude B: "He has no P&D"
by fred_berg December 12, 2009
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