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A raging homosexual, found in #b0g, warmonkey's forums and public toilets.
"that is a vicious rumour"
by Anonymous March 23, 2003
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Someone with a twenty inch willy, and the super power to have sex at 25000 thrusts a second, consequently giving a super ultra orgasm to the female 10 times out of 10. Ozdog is a name for someone who could knock out anyone on the planet with his massive biceps and cause a earthquake when his penis comes out his trousers and drops to the floor. Ozdog has been know to be the name for someone who will become a billionaire and loves money and hates the poor more than anything. It is the name for someone who is so horrible to the poor he would leave a Rwandan child to starve while watching him / her be fed with caviar and steak by his high class prostitutes and make the child roll in sand. This would be an ideaa of an ozdog. Ozdog also loves blowjobs so has them non stop. In conclusion ozdog is the name for someone who knows everything and is never wrong and if you do as he says it is 99% of the time going to make you over Β£1000000
Ed " My dream is to meet an Ozdog one day"

Ozdog " You don't have a net worth of 10 million. I am now going to hang you because of your wealth
by Ozdogthesexgod July 12, 2017
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Ability to be irresistible to women and hung like John Holmes.
"Fuck..I need some ozdog"
by aria March 23, 2003
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