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Orientation Weight Religion. Basically some of the most personal stuff about you, used to open chats with strangers. Compare to asl.
Stranger: Hi, owr?
You: Bi, 156, Hindu
by SexLuthor September 01, 2010
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OWR: one word response-
the bane of every man that likes a girl so he writes his soul out yet she responds with "k", "wow", "idk".
bro 1: bro, im tired of trying to get with this girl man!
bro 2: what did she do bro?
bro 1: i write so much to her, and all she does is give me OWRs, like wtf bro that's messed up bro
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by AZDXDSWEG December 11, 2017
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"Official world ruler" as in me, I.
*The nekkid girls took the alien captain to the owr. The owr pleased himself with the girls, then proceeded to negotiate interstellar trade contacts.
*The "presidents" of the world had surrendered their powers to the owr, from now on peace, love and good times ruled the planet.
"Chance et bonheur" - your owr. "F**k me I'm the OWR."
"All your base are belong to the OWR." "-For the OWR? -Yes!"
"-Who are you, the ower? - I am the OWR. -Oh Shit!"
by OWR September 06, 2007
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