refers a bit to "boner." in french, "happiness."
guy: hey Siri, how do you say happiness in french?

Siri: bonheur


guy continuing: the thckness on this phoque is giving some a BONHEUR!!
by YEE my HAW February 7, 2020
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Bonheur means happiness/miracle.This person is so crazy but whenever you are around them you feel better. They are sometimes spoiled and act like brats and are self-centered. Even through all this you can see their nice true intentions and their aura is so sweet.
Bonheur is so sweet but sometimes she acts like a bitch 🙄
by Tinkletwinkle November 21, 2021
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An awesome, smart, random, crazy, sexy fun loving girl. She can make you laugh all the time and can pull off any outfit any day.
Bonheur Is a very independent person. Doesn't care about what other people say. The best person to be around because he can make you laugh and smile. It a person who likes sport alot
by BAGGBON November 24, 2021
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