a special friend. variations include a) bonie: best friend; b) slonie: sleeping own friend; c) sony: sexy type friend; d) lonie: lazy ownie; e) ponie: pooping own; f) own type: magic friend

Ownie: Hi own-type. me and mine.
by adrienne and stephen January 05, 2008
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A very kind and special person, people that mistreat her will regret it when they don’t have such an awesome friend, they will always have your back and support you and care for you at any time
Ownie is such a kind person to everyone
by vVerum August 01, 2019
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An extremely 1337 CS player who has never been killed or outh4xed in his life. He is immortal in the internet gaming league known as Cal-i.
Tyler: OMG!! Guess who just wrecked on me hardcore?!

Me: Who?!?!


by B money April 30, 2004
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Ownie is a name derived from the word “Owner”. This name is bestowed on the member of a friend group distinguished as the owner of the group, particularly if the other members are referred to by pet names eg. cat and dog.
“I am Ownie, the owner of the Cat and Dog
by October 23, 2020
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