1 definition by Veil of Ignorance

To humiliate, debunk, annoy or assert dominance over Liberals, or socially left-leaning individuals.

Often used ironically in relation to Conservative or socially Right-Wing individuals who engage in petty behaviour, hipocrisy or morally questionable actions, in an attempt to humiliate/provoke Liberals.

Person A: Did you watch X Person in last night's debate? He truly dominated the scene, the moderator literaly called off the debate because the opposition couldn't even make up a coherent sentence. And the audience was already protesting.

Person B: He truly owned the libs.


Person A: I refuse to wear a mask in public, its my freedom, and your feelings don't matter.

Person B: wow... Getting Covid to own the libs...
by Veil of Ignorance October 19, 2020
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