3 definitions by suburban cougar

1)The vast region beyond the suburbs where exorbatant amounts of money are made by owning land and requiring infrastructure before developers begin seeking acquision when the city and suburbs are so overrun by urban sprawl that another blade of grass will scarcely fit.
2)The defining body of future expansion
"I would feel like a pioneer if I didn't know that Cat6 cable is being run and the exurbs are about to make me millions in the next five years."
by suburban cougar June 2, 2007
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A person who rolls off a brother or a girl for their own ultimate benefit. Some one who doesn't have your back and will cut you loose to avoid problems. Sex that is desired to be mutually beneficial but is meant to be ultimately gratifing for one person, even if the others person's needs are omitted.
"That girl is all out for her own."
by suburban cougar June 2, 2007
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An urban cougar with modified standards. Sexy body from working out, proper nutrition, great clothes with a face younger than her age; has her own bank, and has class. Never preys but descretely reveils availablity to socially equal men, that are significantly younger. Pisses off younger women when they wanna snag a guy who is great material. Avoids all contact with men with ball caps, beer guts, and the need for bond money. Doesn't want anything that eats or shits to be in her house for more than six hours. Makes sure her boy toy leaves with everything he came with, but never with her key. Lives with the one person she mosted wanted to - herself. Sexually exclusive is a requirement and gets tested, and may ask the same of her boy toy. Doesn't care what he does, as long as he doesn't wander in unexpected or with an STD. She is in her sexual prime, owns great lingerie and heels and isn't afraid to use them - even in the shower. She wants his phone # for a booty call not a well being check. She enjoys her life, family, and friends and quickly shuts out anyone who could interrupt that. The toy needs to exit with the same enthusiasm as he came in with, not linger as if it were an obligation, and have a tongue that can really kiss, eat pussy and the pierce, is a bonus. Wants something with plenty of freaky that can really put it on her, will go away but comes on demand or own accord. Out for her own.
"The way that last hook up ran my digits all the time, I could use me a suburban cougar next time out.
by suburban cougar June 2, 2007
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