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Overwipe - v. to be extremely cautious while wiping anything, particularly the anal or vaginal region, to the point were the wiper or object being wiped experiences undesirable effects (i.e. redness, extra sensitivity, or bleeding). In some cases, objects like noses and inanimate objects can be overwiped.

-n. a person who is brash, clumsy, rude, stupid, and/or annoying to the extent that the common term 'asswipe' is insufficient; an asshole x 1000.
Doc: Hello sir, what seems to be the reason for our visit?

Patient: I'm having trouble walking, sitting, and farting...I think it's because I've been overwiping. I've been bleeding from my anus as well.
TV: President Obama has illegalized breathing freely, and will be placing a tax on every breath taken past the allotted 100 per day.

Me: Of course he would, he's an overwipe.
by CLP27 November 04, 2010
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