14 definitions by My grandma just ate some prune

A high school located in Salem Utah. Filled with either molly Mormon’s or people that mistake bowling with sex. The teacher who work here are great but you will always see that one bitch ass kid who hates one teacher, there for all his friends hate that teacher, and all there friends hate that teacher and so on so fourth. Most poor sports you will ever see are on any sports team in Salem hills high school. Most of the kids in the school will talk shit about cities around them like Payson and Spanishfork, though about 50% of the students don’t even live in Salem.
Yo, can’t stand Salem Hills High School and all there stupid shit
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When you are in the middle of having sex with someone and their parent walks in on you. You know they would be pissed to see you fucking their kid so before they say anything and call the cops on you, you say “You’re next buddy!” Now the parent is in shock and you have about three seconds to put your clothes back on and getting the fuck outa dodge.
Parental Overthrow saved my life last night.
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When you are getting abused by someone and you’ve just had enough so you fuck them harder than they had ever hit, kicked, punched, or slapped you before.
I was redassing that bitch ass bartender last night
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A skin disease that an individual will get on there neck, It is not contagious, but it is incurable. This skin disease will not hurt the host in any way, shape or form. Most doctors will not know about this skin disease because only a select seven will get this disease.
This Logan Johnson on my neck makes it awkward to receive hickeys.
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A male person in the act masturbating at the top of a building just shooting his load at the poor unexpected subjects below.
I was just walking down the street and a jackikazi nailed me in the eye.
by My grandma just ate some prune December 10, 2019
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In the event of sleep, you tend to get a no reason boner, this special type of boner is called Morning Wood. Now, you are going to be waking up next to your partner, lover, fuck buddy, or whatever and use your morning wood to your advantage. Keep in mind, morning logging could go both ways, if you wake up and fuck the person next to you or they see your massive Willie is throbbing and they fuck you. About 70% of rape is done during morning logging.
Person1: Yo, Morning Logging was amazing last night
Person2: what are you, fucking stupid?
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