Anh is a logical thinker. She gives the best advice. She loves her friends and is careful about who she lets in to her life. She loves to laugh and often enjoys the outdoors. Perhaps she loves animals more than humans. She’s beautiful and intelligent. She will not hesitate to tell you when you need to re evaluate your choices, but will support you no matter what. She is a best friend to some and unknown to others. How unfortunate it is for them not to have an Anh
Anh is my go to for all life advice! She is my best friend
by JudgementGirl May 23, 2019
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(Girl) A pretty* vietnamese who likes to have fun, but can do it in a very sophisticated and chic manner.
1. She parties like a rock star, maybe she's (Anh).
by Dirtygirll August 14, 2008
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seen to be a sexual God,who knows his way around the ladies and his way in bed
1. That Anh knows his way around
by igreen January 7, 2009
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A person that eats their nails instead of food.
My teacher is an Anh.
I hate Anh.
by BL4CKOUT5 June 20, 2017
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Mostly Asians who lets their parent do everything for them. A gamer girl who plays fortnite everyday. Looks like shrek. Buys trendy clothes to fit in with the society and to be cool but reall isn’t. Still let’s their parent take showers for them . Sleeps in the same room as their parents
Mom: hey stop playing fortnite and go upstairs so I can clean that pussy that’s smells like fish for you
Anh: no I want this dub

Drags anh upstairs to clean her
by Towsucker February 2, 2019
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1)A vietnamese unisex name.
2)Vietnamese translation: "Older brother" in litteral terms.
1)Whaddup Anh!
2)Anh oi!
by Mr. Nguyen December 11, 2005
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