Literrally means "out here" not to be confused with "outcha" which means "out of you"... or "from you" Also can be used to define an action such as "leaving" or "going away"
"We outchea in front of the club ready to go in"

"It's 11:30, its time for us to go, we outchea"
by Guy in Virginia December 8, 2009
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basically sayin ur out in the streets, or you can do that because uve earned your respect to.
somebody says to you "you jus gonna sell those drugs for a livin" IM OUTCHEA
by mussoshawty September 1, 2010
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DMV (DC, MD, VA) slang for "out here."
"we outcheaaa!"

also used in Wale's track from his album Attention Deficit, Let it Loose

"you never play with young boys, because they never private, and they forever outchea, that's why you always quiet"
by DMVslang May 6, 2010
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·One having great success/accomplishments

·Literally Outside
Bruh, my social media boomin' I'm outchea!!

Tell your momma come on I'm outchea..
by Fadegod_777 December 21, 2016
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The act of being outchea; Taking care of your business; doing big things

The behavior of some one who is always out taking action in the field, grinding towards a goal is a prime example of outcheaness
My outcheaness is the reason I got shit poppin'.
by JuanDiazBF May 12, 2010
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I been here or out hustling
The fuck you mean, i'm outchea putting food in my family mouth.
by Sunshyn3b May 5, 2018
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