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The term to explain your location, and to referring to the term as such of being "boss like"
Human 1: what's up man, where you at??
Human 2: bitch i'm fucking out here!!!
by SomeKneeGro January 11, 2017
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1) to be out there makin mad gwop.
2) to be out there fashion wise. exclusive clothing.
3) to be out on the GRIND, sellin that dope, those bricks, etc
1) im out here workin makin that gwop.
2) my clothing is OUT HERE!
3) im out here, sellin canes on the block.
by NAS! November 28, 2007
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A phrase usually said by Chicagoan's meaning...
1) To be out making cash
2) To be wildin and having fun; yolo
3) to be deep with your niggahs
4) having a going time out in these streets
by Frozenightmre May 14, 2017
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