abstract things that are not broken but tested to see how far they will bend.
e.g. patience, morals, ideology, any kind of emotion et cetera
recurrent patterns. again out-stretched. you throw the furniture out the window and wait for my reaction. no its not adding more charm or mystery. you don't understand, do you. that its about here and now and im struggling to be any clearer than i have been.
Have you ever met someone who cares like i do? Yeah? OK. Because you're behaving like you don't know what the fuck is going on.
by Bad Translator December 26, 2019
After copious amounts of sex, the resultant condition of the vagina. Also can be used to threaten someone, "trying to get stretched out?", or as a term of defeat, "that chemistry test stretched me out." Furthermore, used as a warning if someone is entering a dangerous situation, "don't get stretched out!!" In extreme cases, also used as a successful pick up line, "what up girl, trying to get stretched out?"
Example 1:
Tom: Yo guy, is it cool if I have sex with my girl on your bed this weekend while you are in Arizona?

Nick: Ya, sure, if you wanna get stretched out.

Tom: Not at all, but I'll be the one doing the stretching.

Example 2:
Tom: Yo Mo, how was that all-you-can-eat buffet?

Mo: I stretched that bitch out!

Example 3:
Naomi: Hey, I heard that frat guys have huge dicks, specifically Delts.

Andrea: Ya, they will definitely stretch you out!

Naomi: Yes, I do dig.
by Klub300 June 1, 2009
1- To beat someone up so that the result of their body is "stretched out" on the floor.

2- To go to sleep (also known as "To Pass Out")
1- Imma strecth that nigga out

2- I'm mad tired, Imma go stretch out
by Mike Drigz December 6, 2005
when someone is left unconscious or incapacitated from a severe beating, usually on the ground with arms and legs splayed out.
Fuck with any of my niggas and we'll leave you stretched out on the block.
by thuqs January 22, 2011

1. Found in and most common to an orifice that has been penetrated repeatedly. Most people who are repeatedly penetrated can suffer this condition.

2. A female or male who is on the receiving end of numerous sexual penetrations.
3. A vagina after child birth.
4..Used to refer to a slut, nymphomaniac or person of low moral fiber with an inability to refuse sexual advances.

synonyms: promiscuous woman · prostitute · whore · floozy · tramp · hooker my ex
Your momma is so "stretched-out" sex with her was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
Dion is so "stretched out" after last night's party. His butt reminds me of fucking a muddy hole.
by Sataan March 8, 2018
A woman whose pussy has been pounded so much that fucking her would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
I finally got to nail Cathy the other night. I never knew what a stretched out whore she was, cause her beef curtains were hanging down to the ground.
by Mike -Hunt December 30, 2008
If you take Logan and pull his legs, arms, and head to the point of maximum stretchiness.
Shiggy: YOOO! Is that stretched-out Logan in the Hall?
Radec: Yeah! He looks just like regular-sized Logan, just stretched out!
by Jcalks5 May 1, 2019