an exclamation of excitement originating from cat Twitter. It is intentionally misspelled, as is most English on cat Twitter, to convey the illusion that it was typed by a cat.
"Oughe momb is home!" (Oh mom is home!)
by Anarcho-Enby July 29, 2022
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A word that expresses emotion in many different ways and forms.

It is pronounced as oh, but adding the ug in between the o and h creates a more meaningful passion when expressing it.

Has made it's way into many people's vocabularies.

The word can be used to replace long vowel o sounds in a word, adding more emphasis to make the long vowel o sound more rewarding, interesting and less boring to use.
It can be used in expressing anger, for example "ough, stop that please, ough!"

It can be used when having sexual intercourse, for example "OUGH OUGH OUGH OUGH OUGH OUUUUUGGHHHHH"

It replaces long vowel o sounds when using in a sentence, for example "ough, it snoughed!"

It can be used in expressing joy and happiness, by just simply yelling at the top of your lungs when in the middle of a grocery store or blockbuster "OUGH!"

It can be used in expressing frustration, for example "where the fuck is the remoughte!"

It can be used in many more words;
- fidough
- snough
- gough
- fiascough
- jough
- blough
- hough
- doughnt
- knough
etc, etc.
by OughStopThatPleaseJesus December 29, 2010
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Grunt often heard in speed metal from bands like most notably Hellhammer.
Often used by metalheads as grunts of alcoholized joy at parties or metal shows.
I heard a large ough from his room and I look in there and he's half a 26 deep listening to Razor.
by greasus93 December 30, 2016
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can be pronounced in different ways depending on the letter{s} preceding it.

Compare with too\two\2\to\too\tu-tu\‘tew’; note different pronounciations of consonant ‘J’.

See also: -augh.


through{‘thru’, ‘threw’};


cough{‘koff’} --compare with pronounciation of qoph{‘kawf’};


(et cetera ..)
by Victor Van Styn August 27, 2005
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Word Perfected By The One And Only Mr Capone-e Ough!! Used To Express Various Emotions
My Girl Went DownOn Me When I Was Driving
by caliGs March 14, 2010
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OUGH is something you say when someone is telling you a load of bullshït and you don't know what to say. But OUGH is more than just a word. You can also join the Temple of EGOR, formerly known as the Temple of OUGH. If you join the Temple of Egor you are now considered a OUGHLING or a EGORLING.
"This match is sponsored by the Temple of Egor."
"The Temple of Egor isn't bs."
"Yes it i-"
by DictionaryTron November 2, 2020
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ough is a term used in alot of songs, where artists like nicki minaj for an example, or cupcakke use it. ough is like uh but bad bitch version, or more of a cunty way to say it
ough this the new style with the fresh type of flow - side to side nicki minaj
by nickistanz July 31, 2022
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