The famous magician Harry Houdini's little known of older brother, said to have dissapeared mysteriously. Whenever some one seems to have just dissapeared and you dont know where they are, they are said to have "pulled an Oswald"
Tim was here just a second ago, but he seems to have pulled an Oswald.
by oswald the ninja July 22, 2004
Someone who repeatedly hits with head shots in computer games.
Man....that guy was a total Oswald. He was camped and nailing everybody in the head. I felt just like Kennedy.
by Dick Fitzwell September 26, 2004
a lovable little shit, normally a dude who is hot. kinda takes your breath away 😳
oswald is kinda cute doe
by starcrazei March 7, 2020
Cumming so hard you blow the back of the chick's head off. Like the Kennedy assassination.
I gave this little slore an Oswald last night.
by Chad A. February 26, 2003
A person whose laugh is better than the joke
a cool dude is Oswald
by Seawafta February 2, 2022
Hes one of the sexiest boys and is loyal he will be shy in the first days but will give u what u need😋. He will go out with girls names jessie becky christine paola ! Hes very nice and looks a little chineese but is actually from Columbia
Look at oswald hes cuteee😚
by Andre Williams 100 November 11, 2019
A fabby fab famalam who live in sheep land, Shropshire!
Shropshire is their shared kingdom with the Wauchope famalam!
The Oswald famalam sent all their bare safe kids to Stowe cuz they cool like that!
So yeah..a pretty awesome famalam
Dangg, I wish I was an Oswald
by izzy oswald October 24, 2011