Ostrich is the new way the funny Russian Spyware ifunny censors the word retard
Deez nuts: That nicker avocado thing is a complete utter ostrich.

Davy jones: What do you mean by ostrich.

Deez nuts: The fuck the noonot ifunny

are censoring re33tard now

Can't have shit in ifunny.
by THE XENO KING July 10, 2021
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Big ass man-pigeon. Will run 60mph with your car if you throw a pen at it. It's body will face this way but it's head will be fixed on you.
by AmMo9513 February 19, 2013
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When you're banging a bitch on the beach and you shove her head in the sand and continue banging her from behind
Brian was at Fuck Pier and gave Jodi The Ostrich.
by BlackMikeMoan August 28, 2013
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the act of shoving your chicks head into the hole of a Honey Bucket and then taking her from behind. Door must be open for public viewing.
I took my gal to the county fair. We had corn dogs, rode the tilt a whirl, and I gave her the ostrich for dessert.
by GorillaSalad July 24, 2023
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The act of becoming excluded from a social grouping through putting your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on.

A phrase popularized by the Northern English pixie movement.

Alternatively spelt as ostrichised by those who mistakenly think a zed is an Americanized spelling.
Janet found herself ostrichized from the group in the pub, because she refused to acknowledge the reality that John was boffing Julie on the sly.
by ® Andy September 11, 2008
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undercover word for "retarded" and occasionally the hard r because the app ifunny blocked being able to say retard.
This post is ostriched.

That is ostriched.
by legit_answers July 12, 2021
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Verb; The act of running while being engaging in the stand and carry sexual position.

The penetrating partner runs, while carrying the receiving partner whose arms are wrapped around his neck, and legs around his waist, having the vagina or anus penetrated by the man's penis, thus resembling a sprinting ostrich.

I was fucking this bitch on the beach when the po-po turned up, so I picked her up and we ostriched outta there!

The wedding took a strange turn when Jack and Molly started ostriching up and down the church aisle.

John: Fancy some ostriching?
Jane: What's ostriching?
John: <whispers>
Jane: Oh my!
by Jack and Molly April 4, 2010
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