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To be performing any activity which would be considered unfashionable or unrighteous in any context. NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR A MISPRONUNCIATION OF THE WORD ASS OR ASSING. THIS IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORD.

One who is ossing around is an oss
(British accent)I am the self-nominated governor in this here territory and I declare that there shall be no ossing here. No ossing there shall ever be from this decided moment.

<Guy is ossing around>
(British accent) Excuse me! You there! Yes you there! I couldn't help but notice as I was marching the streets on this day that you appear to be ossing around. As a figure of authority who enfources the laws of the land I request that you discontinue your ossing activities as it is against the law stated by the governor above.
<guy stops ossing>
(British accent) Good citizen, I'm satisfied with your discontinuation of your ossful activities and will hereby see that you no longer shall be ossing around again.
by Cameron12345 June 02, 2007
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