to go through the physical process of osmosis.
We waited patiently for our science project to osmose.
by Eusebio Martinez October 23, 2005
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The verb form of the word "Osmosis", meaning "The process of transfer of water from one side of a cell membrane to another".

This term may be used to describe throwing up, spitting, urinating, or spilling fluid of any type.
"Dude, I just osmosized all over your face."
by Rob Gibbons October 10, 2004
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Verb: The action of gaining knowledge or understanding via osmosis
Dude, you were so trashed I felt it osmosically!
by King Shawny April 02, 2007
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An expression of dismay to a speaker when said speaker assumes that the listener has equal knowledge of an issue--when in reality the item is news to the listener.
Speaker## "Yeah, and the problem is that even though we made it here, I don't have any money!!"

Listener## " You have no money?? How was I supposed to know that, osmose?"
by keynotespeaker May 25, 2010
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Filling someone's rectum with Woodfume or another type of wood preservative.
The foreman gave me an Osmose Special, dock some fume off the inventory sheets
by moosecatcher October 15, 2020
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