A term used used in football to let the lineman know to block the closest person on the other team when the ball is intercepted or a fumble is recovered
Oskie! Oskie! Oskie! Oskie! Oskie!
by John Hess December 28, 2006
means cool , rad , wicked awesome , gnarly . anything like that ...

" dude , you totally landed that . that was fucking osky . "


" that guitar solo was osky . "
by alecksmarmar September 4, 2008
a romanian rapper who is popular and in my opinion the best one
bro oscar just launched a new album entitled "inapoi la viata"

nah bro osky launched the album
by demkushhh November 23, 2022
Some use it as a term for 'whatever', but mostly it's slang for 'ounce'.
'How much for the oski?'

'We lit an oski up during last night's party'

'My dude is coming through in a few to drop off the oski woski'
by Cakefeast September 14, 2008
OutSide KittY, a worker cat who lives outside defending the area from invading mice and other small creatures.
Osky perches on the tree stump out back near the stonewall where the chipmunks and mice traverse. He's so thin because mice are not fattening.
by mominska August 3, 2010
an oskie is an ounce of weed. the woskie part is just a rhyming add on. try listening to the outkast cd - aquemini at the end of the song synthesizer.
what it look like for the oskie woskie?
by Moeski Woeski December 30, 2005