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oshae-the biggest playboy and gets all the ass and has been in lots of 3 somnes
that man is an oshae
by oshae April 01, 2009
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Very good looking,surprisenly sexy, And has his own unique personallity,Example:Kind,Nice,Funny,Heart warming,Loyal,and humble,Very socialble in anyway and has a lot of friends that dearly care about him,Loves particatpating in Outside and Inside activities,Loves playing sports and is decently good at some,Also has Entertaining hobbies (Dancing,and singing) also mediums fast and has strong emotions that makes him who he is ,Many girls wouldn't mind dating him but he just doesn't see it
Oshae is a sociable good looking unuiqe cool guy
by Le bum Bo De dum Daniel January 10, 2018
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a small guy but is very muscular and very sexy, has a own unique personality,Funny,Kind hearted, and very nice, very socialable but not confident to approach a person to start a conversation with, mediumly fast and is good at dancing, Loves expolaring new things in life, Has strong emotions which makes Oshae the person Oshae,
Oshae is a cool unique sexy guy
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