It's only going to get worse. I'm actively being cut out of the byproducts of my own labor. IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED ONCE BEFORE.
Hym "Nah go fuck yourself with that. This has been potentially dangerous for me the entire time and now that it might effect some other than me FOR A SECOND TIME you got something to say about it. Go ask Paul. This isn't the work of whoevers getting paid for it. It's mine. I'M ALREADY BEING HARASSED. I've said this before: As soon as it affects someone other than me your attitude is going to change. But now I know exactly who's getting paid for it. Now I know where to direct my ire. Thanks for that. I'm living a life of privation AND IT SURE AS HELL ISN'T BECAUSE I'M NOT MAKING MONEY. I don't control anything but your actively trying to control where the consequences fall. I DON'T TO SIT HERE AND LET THE BOULDER LAND ON ME. I actually refuse to do that. Whoever is responsible needs to be held accountable. But now I know exactly who I should be focusing on. Thanks. Didn't have nothing to sure until I mentioned her did you. Who's making the money? Why am I not being compensated?"
by Hym Iam August 19, 2023
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