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Newly discovered drug that has kids feeling "trippy"

Gets you rocked, and has been proven to be less harmful then alcohol or cigarettes. An eighth usually weighs 3.75, depending on the weight of the baggie and whether or not you're buying from an asshole. There are dealers, and then there are professionals. Usual prices for the sticky drug (Not that cheap mexican shit, but tanqueray-and-chronic-chronic) can run from $30 to $50 and even $60 an eighth. I even heard it ran eighty an eighth out on Kodiack Island, but you gotta look at the market from a local point of view.

It will not cause you to shoot your friend with the gun you found in your parent's bedroom while they weren't home. (That's shitty parenting, folks, not the pot!)

A biennial Youth Risk Behavior Survey, released May 21 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that more of america's youth smoke oppis then cigarettes.
by Goobertwert September 26, 2013
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