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A Hasbro-invented super soaker that fires a white, sticky substance that strongly resembles skeet. Loved by children and adults alike, it can be found at any major toy chain. It also recieves mocking reviews on many retail websites, exclaiming the intense satisfaction of pumping and shooting the oozinator, alone or with friends.
- What do you call the new water and ooze blasting oozinator?

Billy: Ah! Yuck!
Duncan: Bleah!
Kyle: Gross!
Todd: Ew! Disgusting!

- And of course...

by Alec and Tats May 05, 2006
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A super soaker that, when pumped, fires blasts of a thick, semi-clear substance at helpless neighborhood children.
Fred: Dude, Steve, I just bought an Oozinator at Toys'R'Us.
Steve: Let's go spray its semen like contents all over Matt, he always was such a little whore.
by Maurice M. May 04, 2006
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Popularized by such sites as YTMND the Oozinator is a toy made by Hasbro that fires not only water, but sticky white "bio-ooze" that "may stain naturally."

The official commercial depicts a boy using his Oozinator by pumping it vigoroulsy until white goo shoots from it and hits various other boys. (Most notably, the African American child.)

The Oozinator can also be used as slang for penis along with dick, wang, cock, etc.
Last Sunday after bible study, my mom dropped me off at the park to play with my friends. When I showed up it seemed like they all had a secret they were hiding. They told me they had just found something great, but that we had to get away from their parents so I could see it. We rushed to convene in the boy's bathroom. When everyone was there, they all smiled and then unleashed their Oozinators. Before I could have even said "Jesus Saves" I was getting blasted in the face with with ooze from all of my friends! Little did they know that I had known about the Oozinator for a long time, and had practiced with it for hours when mom though I was reading the bible quietly before bed. I reached down and surprise attacked them with my Oozinator. I got every one of them ina flash. They were still pumping their Oozinators by the time my ooze was drying on their chins. I love my Oozinator!
by NotAnInfidel May 04, 2006
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