When someone makes fun of someone so bad that it hurts.
Yo them pants have got dick holes in them. OOooZZZ
by Chris Vaughan June 17, 2005
a pink, glowing liquid which transforms regular turtles into adolescent, anomalous, turtles with martial arts training.
Oh no dude, the shredder totally used the ooze on himself!
by Sweet MamaJamma April 7, 2005
To be a low functioning member of society, typically slow-moving and displaying overt indifference towards everything. The condition of oozing may last anywhere between several hours to a full weekend, with extreme oozing persisting indefinitely. Exercise is alien to those who ooze, and maintaining any semblance of responsibility is unlikely for the oozer. Oozing is generally synonymous with being hungover. Professional oozers can be described as potheads and/or burnt out medical students.
I watched her chug an entire bottle of wine last night... She's probably oozing her way over to brunch right now.
by AU79 August 20, 2013
Relaxing, at your most chilled state.
Can be also referred to as tipsy or high...
Im oozing through today bro, just chillin’ what about you?
by Awkwardly transpired February 20, 2020
To be in an uncontrollable state of mind through the use foreign substances.
"I drank so much last nite, I was soooo oozed."
by FlexIn September 16, 2005
(verb) to Oooze: to buzz out or to chill.
"let's just go Ooze."
by John Paul Shallow July 29, 2009
When you are doing too much and need to sit down somewhere.

Other words to use are chill, vibe.
Just ooze bruh, you doing to much.
by ogtuck November 7, 2017