To be exposed as a Canadian. Compare outed.
Despite his best efforts to speak normally he ooted himself last night when talking about hockey.
by C. S. August 15, 2005
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To snort any narcotic and feel euphoria from it.
Mike: I ooted like 5 roxi's last night and was so fucked up I puked five times.
Jordy: Did you have blue boogers all day?
Mike: Hell yeah, they look nasty. Im never getting ooted again.
by bennyblumpkin February 23, 2010
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Racial slur used inside video game League of Leagends
Get ooted pineapple
by azoire February 28, 2021
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1. Cute terminology used for random comparison of a fluffy, adorable guinea pig, to a person of romantic, non-romantic interest who you think is also fluffy and adorable.

2. Can be a striking comparison of a guinea pig's variety of crazy hairstyles to a grungy, bed-headed person with the same unkempt hairdo.

3. Someone who has fluffy, unkempt guinea pig hair, buck teeth, has a tendency to jump when nervous, with an all too familiar rodent "squeak".

Guinea pigs are also known as cavies.
1. My boyfriend is so cute and fluffy! Just like an "oot-oot!"

2. CJ's bed-head so reminds me of some famous hairstyle. That's right! He's sporting the "oot-oot." Nice fluff and messy swirls, man!

3. It's so funny the way sissy Dave gets when hearing about creepy, crawly things. He gets all "oot-oot" and squeaky!
by ladybuggem October 22, 2009
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One of the most prophetic sayings ever uttered by a human being. Not yet translated.
by Vash Westland October 19, 2003
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Webcomic, Order of the Stick

The OotS follows the (sometimes mis)adventures of a party of Dungeons & Dragons characters on their quest to defeat the lich, Xykon.
by BigHuckinChicken July 23, 2006
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Legend of Zelda: Ocriana of Time. An installment of the Zelda series for the N64 released in 1998. An revolutinary Action/Adventure/RPG game with an excellent graphics engine (for its time) and an awesome battle system (often copied) that kicks the shit out of FF7's battle system.

The game was eventually succeded by the partial-sequal Majora's mask (probably the darkest zelda game), and then Windwaker for GameCube. Oot was also rereleased as a extra disc for people who preorded WindWaker.
Oot is one of the best games ever.
by I hate your Emo Haircut December 11, 2004
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