5 definitions by C. S.

Have a long, pointless conversation.

See also: confabulate.
Kris and David conblabulated in the break room for about an hour. I don't even know why they pay those two.
by C. S. June 26, 2005
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To be exposed as a Canadian. Compare outed.
Despite his best efforts to speak normally he ooted himself last night when talking about hockey.
by C. S. August 15, 2005
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Breasts that have been augmented with breast implants, esp. those that have obvious scars.
Dude, her face is hot, but I don't dig teh frankenboobs.
by C. S. July 6, 2005
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In Grand Theft Auto I, six Hare Krishna pedestrians roamed the streets chanting. If you killed all of them simultaneously you would get bonus points and the game would proclaim, "Gouranga!"
Dude, get a Beast GTS, it makes it easier to get gouranga.
by C. S. May 1, 2005
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An expression that gently informs the listener that their company or commentary is not appreciated.

See also: fuck off and die
by C. S. June 27, 2005
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