I have not been friends with him for very long but what I’ve learned from my experience is. Jordy is HALARIOUS. Loves memes. Handsome. Loves soccer. He’s athletic. Cute if I didn’t already mention. And so fun to be around. He is definitely a ladies man. I mean I wouldn’t judge the girls who like him because he’s handsome and funny and sweet and so much more but I already mentioned it. Stay friends with him no matter what. Because well I don’t really know why and I’m waiting to see why I love being around him. But stay friends with him. Because he’s amazing. I’ve only known him for a few months and I can’t remember my life before I ever talked to him. I lost him, and I truly miss him a lot so when you find yourself a Jordy like this don't lose him.
Jordy I love and miss you.
by Peaches🥰 July 16, 2019
Ashley: Wow it just got so dark
Jordy: its the shadow of my penis bitch
by itsyaboi_skinnypenis November 26, 2016
Attractive guy with nice eyes. Talented and smart. Everybody needs a Jordy in their life, he is a good understandable person. He is also a very good loving boyfriend. If you are dating a Jordy then you’re lucky.
Girl: I wish I was dating a Jordy
Boy: why?
Girl: because he’s 100000 times better than you
by TheLoyalMan October 26, 2018
The sweetest, funniest guy in the whole world. He loves bears and guns. He makes the best boyfriend, is super attractive and is great in the sack. He knows how to make anyone smile and will be there for you whenever you need him.
by Dickstache April 17, 2013
An amazing person! Absolutely incredible at any spect to life. One of the most intelligent beautiful people you will ever meet. They got great bodies as well.
Jordy is hot.
by big_baby_judy December 19, 2019
A very Sweet loving guy who expresses their emotions and feelings with someone else and a jordy inspires others to be their self. He is a loving guy who is selfless and a amazing listener. And he is very loyal. He is very attracting and he has beautiful eyes Such as green hazels as most Best!
Ianna: "He bought me flowers"
Friend: "What a jordy!"
by TheLoyalMan May 16, 2017
The Diddler. A man/woman who will diddle your nether regions like never before.
Dude, I met this girl last night who was a total Jordy. I've never been diddled like that before!
by gingaluva April 11, 2010