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The primary sound produced by a voice box and mouth attempting to imitate various types of techno, trance, house, etc. Those who can do this well actually use their adam's apple rather than their mouth for the 'oo' beat.
Raver 1: Do you hear that music?
Raver 2: No...
Raver 1: Oonce oonce oonce oonce!
Raver 2: Let's dance!
by Taylour April 19, 2005
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a suffix that can go at the end of any word. Origin is from destiny 1 where you had something called the "crucible reputation booster" but also known as the Croonce Rep Boonce
Quit being such a doonce cap Doonce was dounce but is now doonce
by Crocadoonce aka Crocodile June 30, 2018
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